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MAXSTRENGTH Foldable & Adjustable Core Abdominal Workout Chair

MAXSTRENGTH Foldable & Adjustable Core Abdominal Workout Chair

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       Product Features 
    • The Gym Bench is nearly fully assembled to be used readily.
    • It is flat to help the user work on their muscles in a better way.
    • Ideal for a full body workout, targeting biceps, triceps, abs, legs and shoulders.
    • It is compact for people to use it anywhere.
    • Portability of it makes it easy for people to use it anywhere. 
    • Solid steel plate legs make it stable and strong.
    • This gym bench is ergonomically built with high quality foam and leather to provide support for your back.
    • It can collaborate with other gym equipment, for instance, dumbbells, barbells, squat racks etc.
    • The weight bench is very durable and sturdy, since it can bear 600 lbs of weight in total, without breaking.

    Properties of the Flat Weight Bench 

    Product Dimensions 89 x 60 x 87 centimetres
    Color Black & Orange 
    Height 87cm
    Length 89cm
    Width 60cm
    Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    Item Weight 9.18kg
    Brand Max Strength

    You can perform the following exercises on a Gym Bench:

    • When you're lifting anything heavy, exhale.
    • Exhale as you slowly and steadily return to your original position.
    • Before using the equipment, read through all of the caution and warning labels.
    • Look for any loose, frayed, or worn pieces on the equipment. If you have any doubts, wait until the bench has been repaired before utilising the equipment.
    • To verify that your body is capable of completing the workouts, you must undergo a physical medical examination.
    • Before operating this equipment, all of the screws must be thoroughly inspected.

    Always lift weights with a partner or someone who can help you if the weights get too heavy for you to lift alone. Before exercising, warm up your muscles. Warm up your body by stretching and doing simple exercises for several minutes.

    Precautions while using Ab Folding Weight Bench:

    • Maintain a straight back. During the workout, avoid curving your back or hunching your midsection. Consider starting with a bodyweight version of the wire crunch if you're having problems maintaining excellent posture.
    • Make use of your abs muscles. Rather than relying on your triceps or hip flexors to move the pulley cable through its complete range of motion, use your abdominal muscles. Throughout the time you spend on the folding weight bench, try to maintain your hips and arms still.
    • Activate the muscles in your lower body. During the exercise, keep your glutes and hamstrings engaged to avoid sitting back on your heels and relaxing your lower body.

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