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MAXSTRENGTH Olympic Rubber Weight Plates 7.5Kg set

MAXSTRENGTH Olympic Rubber Weight Plates 7.5Kg set

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    Key Features:

    • MAXSTRENGTH 2" (5 cm) Olympic Weight Plates Rubber.
    • Available in Olympic 2" size and fits all Olympic 2" Bars.
    • Each Weight Plate is 7.5kg.
    • Great Quality made from Rubber.
    • Weight Plates Set Includes
    • Weight Plates Set Includes 30kg (4X7.5kg), 60kg (8X7.5kg), 90kg (12X7.5kg), 120kg (16X7.5kg), 150kg (20X7.5kg).

     Product Descriptions:

    The most obvious difference between Olympic weights and standard plates is the whole size. Olympic plates have a 2 inch hole. Our weight plates are 2” and they fit all Olympic 2" bars. However, the disc diameter varies with the weight of the plate. If you want accurate diameter of the disc please contact us prior purchase and give us the weight of the disc you want to purchase.

    Great for All Olympic 2" (5cm) Weight Lifting Barbells. Please Bear in Mind that these Weight Plates are rubber coated.

    7.5kg Weight Plates Measurement:

    • Weight plate center hole is 2 inches (5 cm)
    • Plate diameter is 13.77 inches (35 cm)
    • Thickness is 1.37 inches (3.5 cm)
    • Circumference is 39.37 inches (100cm)
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