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MAXSTRENGTH SW01 I5 Plus Wristband Fitness Tracker Bracelet Waterproof

MAXSTRENGTH SW01 I5 Plus Wristband Fitness Tracker Bracelet Waterproof

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Smart Bracelet compatible with iOS and Android with Application "Zeroner Health"

1. Display Health Parameters
This Smart Bracelet can display

  • Activity Track (Multi Sport);
  • GPS Support
  • Time;
  • Message Display (Facebook, Twitter, and other social media if you turn this feature on);
  • Caller ID Display;
  • Silent Remind;
  • Auto Sleep tracking;
  • Gesture Control;
  • Reminder to move;
  • Calculate steps distance and calorie clearly;

2. Sync Data with Smart
When Bluetooth paired, you can sync your daily fitness data with your smartphone (works with almost all smartphones where you can download the application zeroner health)

3. Sleep Monitoring
accurately monitor your sleep each night to see the time your most restless and times where you are in the deepest periods of sleep.

4. Built-in USB Charging
simply detach the touch screen tracking device from the rubber strap and plug it into any USB charging port. No need for long wires that you can forget to pack. Plus you can charge without needing a plug, just pop the device into your laptop and watch it charge up quickly.

5. Sedentary Reminder
Our smart bracelet has a sedentary reminder function to get you moving when you have been resting for too long. This helps to burn your daily calorie goals, keeps your heart functioning optimally, and avoids muscle tightness from sitting at your desk all day.

6. Silent Vibration Mode
Built-in silent vibration mode, a silent remind alarm that gently vibrates to remind you at your desired time without disturbing your partner.

7. Comfortable adjustable Wristband and Light Weight
the wristband is adjustable, you can adjust it to fit your wrist. It is just 25g! So when you wear it, you won't know it's there! You can work and exercise ordinarily.


I5 plus smart bracelet is a touch screen device that measures your daily fitness data including Steps walked, Calories burnt from steps, and other exercises. The device monitors your sleep and restless periods and you can also set an alarm to be woken up calmly and gently by a soft vibration on your wrist. The watch connects via Bluetooth to many smartphones including iPhones and Android phones. Phone notifications will appear on your touch screen watch along with caller ID. If you want to take a break from tracking your fitness you can simply turn off all functions and use the device as a stylish watch. No charging cable is needed just simply detach the screen from the bracelet and plug it into any standard USB port.


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