We have worked very closely with gyms and boxing professionals to develop our products, and as a result we have developed three core brands GRAFT, Max Strength, X Max Strength, HTH and Gym Power, which have served the needs of boxing and fitness enthusiasts for nearly two decades. These core brands form a popular part of our wide range of products. 

HTH -  When it comes to boxing products, our HTH brand represents our highest quality range of Punch bags and Boxing Gloves. They are crafted from real leather, making them more durable and ideal for serious boxers or customers looking for the best. They are also ideal for use in competition and for intensive training.
Max Strength Our Max Strength brand represents products that are very suitable for all round use and for the regular boxer. Made from synthetic leather, they are a durable yet cost effective range of products.  They can be used for training, sparring and in clubs and boxing gyms. 
Our MaxStrength brand also covers a wider range of products, you will find we have MaxStrength fitness equipment & more.
Gym power Our Gym Power Brand represents our own range of clothing sports gear, whether you are looking for a training vest, t shirt, hoodie or tracksuit, browse our clothing range and see what’s in store for you.