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MAXSTREGTH Bulgarian Sandbag Training | Core Strength Power 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

MAXSTREGTH Bulgarian Sandbag Training | Core Strength Power 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

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    Key Features: 

    • BULGARIAN BAG VERSATILITY: Our Bulgarian bag is not only for wrestling, but it is versatile functional training equipment. Max strength Bulgarian bag has unique shape and composition that allows full movement in all the directions. This Bulgarian bag comes in different size with 5kg, 10kg or 15kg filled sand.
    • EASY TO USE: Our Bulgarian sand bag is designed in such a way that provides rotational movement, as well as linear movements in the sagittal and frontal planes that are beneficial for core strength and stability. It gives more strength and endurance for Athletes requiring high levels of power.
    • BULGARIAN BAG A PERFECT EXERCISES TOOL - Bulgarian Bag is designed for a different exercises with supports excellent movement skills through its vast range of movements .Exercise includes everything that can be done with a dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell; along with different functional changes that cannot be done with any other modality.
    • WITH EXTERIOR LEATHER MATERIAL AND 2 GRIP AT ENDS - Maxstrength Bulgarian bags come with a leather material cover that makes it durable and long lasting. It has two straps at the end which allows you to perform various exercise easily and comfortably.

    Product Descriptions:

    Max Strength Bulgarian bag promotes useful overload in rotational movement patterns which all are not possible with any other training equipment. Along with that, it allows a total body workout that addresses strength, power, anaerobic endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and high levels of caloric expenditure for weight management.

    Some more Fantastic Features:

    • High quality and durable Bulgarian Bag
    • Functional Core Strength (Different from just weight-lifting)
    • Speed, Power, & Acceleration
    • Muscular Endurance
    • Flexibility
    • Exterior Material is manufactured using Leather
    • Comes with 2 straps at end to perform Exercises Easily
    • Durable and long lasting
    • Colour Available: Red/Black
    • Weight Available: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg


    • Sand Bag Circumference: 57cm
    • Sand Bag Diameter: 28cm
    • Distance between grips: 92cm
    • Grips Length: 17cm
    • Straps Length: 17cm
    • Straps Width: 5cm 
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