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MAXSTRENGTH Ankle Weight Camouflage 3kg-14kg Pair

MAXSTRENGTH Ankle Weight Camouflage 3kg-14kg Pair

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    Key Features:

    VERSATILE ANKLE WEIGHTS- Our ankle weight set add weight to the ankle region making your muscles to work harder. This leads to the increased production of energy which in turn helps tone and shape your body. 

    WEIGHTED RUNNING STRAPS TO BURN MORE CALORIES- Running with ankle weights include helping your body burn more calories, boosting endurance, toning and shaping your thighs, toning and shaping your legs, helping you achieve stronger breathing muscles, among others.

    LEG WEIGHTS- Mastering your legs to various forms of exercise can improve your range of motion, as well as your flexibility. Running with ankle weights can, therefore, help you achieve optimal toning. Just like thigh muscles, the weight from these weights makes various muscles in the legs to develop resistance.

    BENEFICIAL ABDOMINAL WORKOUTS- Instead of doing sit ups, wear ankle weights and perform bicycle exercises, reverse abdominal lifts and knee-to-chest exercises. When you use ankle weights this way, keep your abdominal muscles contracted and maintain a pelvic angle throughout each exercise.

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    Product Descriptions:

    Using Maxstrength ankle weights over other types of weighted clothing is that they are not fixed on fat storage regions or major muscles. You can use them in almost any exercise without worrying about the effects of their tightness. Once you know how to use them, you can incorporate ankle weights into numerous exercises in your routine exercise and also as a running equipment.

    Some More Fantastic Features:

    • Helps to Burn More Calories.
    • Helps in Boosting Endurance.
    • Helps Toning & Shaping Your Thighs & Legs.
    • Beneficial for Abdominal Workouts.
    • Help to Achieve Stronger Breathing Muscles.
    • Improve Water Workouts.
    • Color: Camouflage Printing



    (1.5kg weight)

    Length: 30cm

    Width: 12cm

    Velcro Strap Length: 20cm

    (2.5kg weight)

    Length: 35cm

    Width: 15cm

    Velcro Strap Length: 25cm

    (3kg weight)

    Length: 35cm

    Width: 15cm

    Velcro Strap Length: 25cm

    Note: 1.5kg weights comes with single Velcro strap and 2.5kg and 3kg weights comes with double Velcro straps.

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