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MAXSTRENGTH Target Boxing Sparring Gloves MMA Training Red/Black

MAXSTRENGTH Target Boxing Sparring Gloves MMA Training Red/Black

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    Product Features:

    • Target feature helps your aim and focus to enhance hand eye co-ordination
    • Great for boxing training or sparring purposes
    • Extra padding on wrist to reduce chances of Hand Injury
    • Longer wrist strap to provide better wrist protection
    • Rex Leather boxing and sparring gloves comes in Red, Golden, Blue and Pink color combinations.
    • Comes in 6oz, 8oz,10oz,12oz,14oz and 16oz
    • High density foam layering for maximum shock absorption
    • Air vent on palm to reduce sweat
    • Fit for both adults and kids

    Federation sanctions on gloves for each discipline

    In Educative Boxing, gloves must weigh 10 ounces.

    In Amateur Boxing, 10 ounce gloves must be worn by those (men and women) in the weight categories between (49kg and 64kg), 12 ounce gloves must be worn by those (men and women) in the weight categories between (69kg and 91kg+)

    In Pro Boxing, For Men 8 ounce gloves must be worn by all weight categories below and including Middleweight, 10 ounce gloves must be worn by all weight categories from Super-middleweight and above. For women 8 ounce gloves must be worn by all weight categories below and including Featherweight, 10 ounce gloves must be worn by all weight categories from Super-featherweight and above.

    For 12 ounce + one can use to increase resistance of training.

    Money Back Guarantee:

    Try it for yourself and if it does not meet your expectations then we are happy to exchange or refund.

    Why Boxing:

    Boxing is a well-established sport, with all its benefits. It is also a popular sport with a high number of professional boxers worldwide, but also a huge number of fitness enthusiasts take on boxing as a hobby and use boxing to stay fit and healthy.

    After running a questionnaire between our customers we have summed up all answers into 3 main reasons.

    Develop fighting skills with boxing

    First and most obvious was the need to develop fighting skills. Many customers felt the need to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones in the event of the attack. They have discovered that boxing helped them to improve their fighting skills, as well improve their overall fitness levels.

    This made them feel like they would be able to protect themselves and gave them confidence that they didn’t have before. Also many commented that unlike MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), boxing is more simple and easy to master, as it doesn’t require mastering of philosophical ideas and learning the names of complicated moves and combinations.

    Development of the life skills through boxing

    Many customers told us that boxing also taught them some valuable life lessons. It helped them come on top through other life challenges, helped them at work, at home and more. It gave them more confidence; they felt like their approach to work has changed, as they were no longer afraid to take on the challenge. Their family life also improved, as their energy levels were up, so they found themselves more involved at home too. Also some customers advised us that as any sport, boxing taught them never to give up, even when it’s hard.

    Boxing is an enjoyable sport

    Most of the questioned customers told us that they found boxing easy to enjoy. They said that it is fun, it makes time go by very quickly and on top it relieves them of any stress. Making it easy to exercise and stay fit. With all the above in mind we can agree that boxing is an amazing way to become and stay fit, it allows you to develop yourself during your workout and outside of it too. It is fun and easy to comprehend.

    Furthermore, our research shows that boxing can be a relatively cheap sport, so if you are looking to work out on a budget, boxing is definitely a good choice for you.

    Product Descriptions:

    MaxStrength Boxing Gloves are handmade with a strong attention to detail, just the same as our other Rex-Leather Striking and Grappling Combat Sports products such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Muay Lao, Full Contact Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, Judo, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. These gloves are suitable to be used for any combat sports.

    They are designed with multi layers of high-density foam and integration of gel padding in machine mold for maximum shock absorption. Specially designed air vents on the palm keeps the inside of the palm cool and fresh at all times and even when used for longer periods. Contrast Heavy and secure double stitching for durability and long lasting. Extended Padding on the Wrist provides all round wrist protection and reduces the risk of injury to the wrist. All-purpose fitness gloves are perfect for light to moderate bag and pad work.

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