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MAXSTRENGTH Free Standing Boxing Speed Ball Black

MAXSTRENGTH Free Standing Boxing Speed Ball Black

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    Key Features:

    • Maxstrength High Density Foam Material Speed ball
    • Ideal for boxing, sparring, punching, kicking training
    • Freestanding Speed ball comes with heavy duty base
    • Tested for strength and endurance
    • Available in Black and Red color (please choose from product options)
    • Excellent value for money
    • Money back guarantee
    • PU punching ball size:200mm x 260mm
    • With adjustable height from 110-160cm
    • Chromed spring 7mm(dia) x 120mm
    • The base is 480mm(dia) x 25cm(H) x 1.8kgs(W)
    • The base tank with water is about 30kgs weight
    • Packing Total: 200 CTN/400.00 CU'FT/1,000.00/1,200.00 KG

    Product Descriptions: 

    MAXSTRENGTH boxing speed bag is fully adjustable and is made of high-density foam material. Ideal for a perfect boxing starter set for those just getting into the boxing sport. The Speed bag can be one of the most advantageous equipment that you could train on, as it will control your power and speed. The speed bag will fine-tune your reaction time, which translates to all sports. Adjustable speed bag stands with an easy to fill base (can use either sand or water) to stabilise the stand during use. Comes with all fittings and instruction in English.

    Whether you're a professional boxer, martial artist, or just looking to improve your fitness, the MAXSTRENGTH T101 Freestanding Boxing Speed Bag is an excellent addition to your training regimen.

    Note: This boxing speed bag comes in two parcels for the top and the base.

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