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MAXSTRENGTH Unisex Knee Brace Support Ligament Patella

MAXSTRENGTH Unisex Knee Brace Support Ligament Patella

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    Key Features:

    • Customisable Open-Patella Design - Popular orthopedic knee brace relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise; fully adjustable straps can be attached to almost any exterior point helping to prevent slippage and accommodate a broad range of users.
    • Reinforced Stabilizer Ring - Ensures the knee cap remains in proper position during flexion and extension, helping to evenly distribute stress across the ligaments; Increased stability leads to improved leg alignment for optimal loading and recovery.
    • Effective Relief & Support - Eases chronic and acute knee pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation or use in sports such as walking, hiking, golf, cycling and many more.
    • Breathable & Skin-Friendly - Premium-grade neoprene increases circulation resulting in faster healing time: tiny perforations in the fabric help reduce unwanted moisture, itchiness and odours.
    • Universal Fit - Single support, wearable on either the left or right knee - adjustable high-grip strapping fits knees from 12.5" to 18" (32 to 46cm) in circumference.

    Product Descriptions: 

    This Ligament Knee brace gives additional support to the ligaments, and 2 Velcro straps top and bottom, which hold the support in place. Long 4mm thick neoprene sleeve with facing on both sides. Compression support sleeves are intended for mild or intermittent knee pain and minor injuries, mainly overuse issues

    Why Do I Need This Plus Size Knee Support?

    If standing or walking for long periods of time is causing pain to your knees, you are not alone. Suffering from knee pain is extremely common for those who are classified as obese. In fact, every pound of body weight adds about five pounds of force to your knee joint. So, it’s not surprising that being overweight increases your risk of experiencing knee-related injuries and can cause your knees to wear out faster than they might otherwise.

    It is likely that if you are experiencing this common knee joint pain, you have been told that the simple fix is through exercising and losing that excess weight. However, we understand that this is much easier said than done when you are dealing with this obesity-related knee pain. This knee wrap for large legs was designed to allow you to stay active through long periods of standing, walking, or other exercises. This plus size wrap around brace will provide you the extra support you need to get back to life!

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