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MAXSTRENGTH Barbell Spinlock Collars Clamp Set

MAXSTRENGTH Barbell Spinlock Collars Clamp Set

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    Key Features:

    • Multifunction - Perfect For Crossfit, Weightlifting And Power Training. Our  Barbell Spinlock are able to withstand large amounts Of Both Weight And Movement Without Ever Moving From Their Original Position, This Is Important as many compound Exercises Require Fast And Powerful Movements Therefore The Clamps Being Used On Your Bar Need To Be Highly Secure And Reliable.
    • High Quality - Made From ABS Reinforced Plastic, A Highly Impact Resistant Plastic Used In Automotive, Feature A Solidly Injected Nylon Molded Frame Inside, Which, Along With ABS, Makes Them Highly Shock-Resistant And Very Durable. In Addition, The Molded Pressure Pads With Thick Rubber Make Them Fully Grip On The Bar Keeping The Discs Firm So You Can Train Safely.
    • Easy To Use - 50MM Can Be Matched With 50MM Austrian Pole. Simply Lift The Clamp Clip And Insert Bar Through Clamp And Close The Clamp Clip So There Is A Secure Lock. Due To The Ease And Efficiency, These Bar Collar Clamps Are Ideal As They Allow You To Not Waste Time Attempting To Put On Other Collars And Allow You To Focus Mainly On Lifting The Weights You Plan To Lift
    • COMFORT & INNOVATIVE DESIGN - These Olympic Bar Disc Clamps Feature An Innovative Design That Makes Them Extremely Convenient And Easy To Use. The One-Click System Of Earwaves Pro Lockers Guarantees Easy Opening, And A 100% Secure And Simple Closing. This Innovative System, Together With The Quality Of Its Materials, Gives Them A Total Fixation To The Olympic Bar.
    • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - Customers Satisfaction Is Our Primary Concern. In The Unlikely Event That You Are Not Satisfied With Our Product, We Will Refund Your Money Without Asking Any Questions. Just Click On The "Add To Cart" Button And Enjoy A Risk Free Purchase.

    Product Descriptions:

    MAXSTRENGTH Spinlocks are specially designed to secure weight plates onto a barbell bar, ensuring a safe and stable workout experience. The spinlocks consist of a threaded sleeve and a locking nut that tightly secure the weight plates in place. This innovative design prevents the plates from shifting or sliding during intense lifting sessions, providing maximum stability and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. The spinlocks are easy to use, allowing for quick and hassle-free weight adjustments to accommodate different exercise routines and fitness goals. With their reliable grip and sturdy construction, barbell bar spinlocks are the perfect addition to your weightlifting arsenal, ensuring a secure and efficient workout every time

    Some more Fantastic Features:
    • Fast Release And Non-Slip - Locking Collar For Barbell, Ensures Easy Installation And Removal Of The Collar During Workouts.
    • This Barbell Clamp Fits For 2 Inches Olympic Size. Perfect For Cross Fit Workouts, Olympic Lifts, Overhead Press, Dead Lifts, Bench Press, Or Any Other Workout Using 2 Inches Olympic Barbell.
    • Secure Snap-Latch Design To Keep You Safe. These Collars Are A Favorite For Cross Fit And Many Other Commercial Gyms.
    • Designed For All Types Of Resistance Training From Circuits And Drop-Setting, To Bodybuilding And Power Lifting.
    Available Colours:
    1: Black
    2: Red

    Package Include:
    X2 Spinlocks

    (Easy To Install In Two Steps)

    First Step: Hold On The Collar With Your Thumb And The Middle Finger As A C-Shape.
    Second Step: Press Down On The Little Black Part With The Index Finger To Lift Up The Red Part. Easy To Use, The Special Design Of The Collar Ensures Secure Plate Fixation On The Bar. Keep The Weights Secured On Both Ends Of The Bar.
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