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MAXSTRENGTH Weight Vest Crossfit 10-20kg

MAXSTRENGTH Weight Vest Crossfit 10-20kg

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    Key Features:

    • Heavy Duty weighted vest available in black colour.
    • This Weighted vest is best for walking and running 
    • Weight vest workout more effective in Chin-Ups, Push-Ups, and During Dips.
    • Ultra-soft foam padding for comfort.
    • Adjustable straps keep the vest secure.
    • Available in 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg weight.

    Product Descriptions: 

    MAXSTRENGTH weighted vest jacket is perfect for people who want to enhance their training whether it be weight training, running, walking, climbing, etc. Allowing you to build up speed, agility, and strength all at once. 
    This weight vest has been designed to allow you to use it without causing any bouncing or dragging effect, allowing you to have more efficient workouts without having to sacrifice any energy to stabilize yourself like you would with other weight vests.

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